Sunday, July 29, 2018


Poem: The Path I Choose

By: Donovan Baldwin

Into the storm, which rages loud,
Into the darkest night,
Without much hope of victory,
Each of us must take the fight.

The greatest sin, or loss, my friend,
Is not to strive at all,
In life are many choices,
It's not where, but how we fall.

Fate often tells us where to be,
We cannot control life's line,
But, who I am, and how I live,
Are choices that are mine.

Born low or high, it matters not,
For the path is what I choose,
And if I walk a path that's right,
Then I can never lose.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018


Poem: Night

By Donovan Baldwin

Swept with stars, small twinkling dreams
Night covers more than this small world.
It stretches to the spring of time,
Where lies eternity, sleeping, curled.

The night above is just a piece,
A portion of a greater all.
Here burns man, much like the stars,
As they do, seeming cold and small.

Each, a tiny flame of hope,
A flicker glimpsed in dark of night,
Bound to hold the darkness back,
Bringing promise of the light.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


Games - A Poem By Donovan Baldwin


The deadly games they play today,
Which just might whisk the world away,
Exchanging night time for the day,
Sleeping but to rise and play.

Children grow, yet children stay,
All is sunshine, all's a game,
Each calls the other evil names,
All things change and life's the same.

Soon will fall a hot dry rain,
As night comes forth to eat the day,
The children all will go away...
There will be no more games to play.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Poem: To Greatness Gone

By: Donovan Baldwin

Are there no longer pens
To dip within that magic ink
From whence once sprang
Adventurers, harlots, philanderers, kings,
So many other noble rogues
Stepped down from dreams,
And tales long past?

Can no poet now recall
The noble, evil foes
As they once were drawn?

Ah, for one, such as The Cardinal,
Who so well understood
The duties and obligations of
A wise and caring enemy.

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Three Guys Jump Off A Building - Whose Fault Is It?

By: Donovan Baldwin

Something I read earlier reminded me of an old joke. I'm sure the poster and others will make the connection if they read this. Hopefully they won't. Don't want them to think they inspired negative thoughts.

Every day three coworkers on a high rise under construction opened their lunch boxes and each had a bologna sandwich.

Finally, one day, the first guy had it. He opened his lunch box, found a bologna sandwich and yelled, "I am so tired of bologna sandwiches. If there's one in my lunch I'm going to jump off this building."

The second and third guys each opened their lunchboxes in turn, found bologna sandwiches and said the same thing.

The next day, the first guy opened his lunch box, found a bologna sandwich, and jumped to his death.

The second and third guys... same thing.

The police investigated and asked the three wives did anything unusual happen this morning?

First wife said, "No. I fixed his lunch and he kissed me goodbye and left."

Second wife said, "No. I fixed his lunch and he kissed me goodbye and left.",

Third wife said, "Well I was sick this morning so he fixed his own lunch, kissed me goodbye, and left."

Be happy if you've got something in your lunch box, and, someone cared enough to put it there. If you put it there, don't blame anybody but yourself.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018


What WAS I Thinking?

By: Donovan Baldwin

I often think about what others may be going through...things I might not be aware of.

When I was driving over the road in a big truck, I saw many (MANY) drivers do stupid, dangerous things, apparently oblivious to the situation they were creating...or entering.

Being a normal male, I would get angry and start fussing.

My team driver at the time would say, "It's just a snapshot. A picture of them at this moment."

Did you ever have a photo made that afterwards you looked at, minutes or years later, and asked yourself, "What WAS I thinking?" Or, "Could I have a do-over?" Your mind probably went to your most recent photo for your driver's license.

I think back over some of the things I've done in my life, remarks, clothes, attitudes, and one icy mountain pass in Europe on a cold, dark night in particular, and have those thoughts.

Perhaps the person was rushing to the bed of a dying relative, or a doctor on the way to save that dying person, or...well, a lot of things.

Point is, we make choices at each moment of our lives. Sometimes the choice is not the best because of youth, ignorance, blindness to facts, and other factors...some we control, some we don't.

I guess we've all made others angry or upset by these acts, but, we don't want our entire lives to be judged by the times we've been the fool.

We deserve forgiveness and so do they.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Lover's Tale

Lover's Tale
By: Donovan Baldwin

On wet gray stones my boot heels clattered,
Echoes from silent walls... as if it mattered,
That she and I had passed this way,
And, parted at the dawn of day.

One hurried night of thoughtless pleasure,
While taken to its coarsest measure,
Within my heart a bright light gleamed,
It had been more than what it seemed.

Touched, oh yes touched deeply by,
The lady who had caught my eye,
Who I had claimed so casually,
Yet, tossed aside so soon to be...

And yet, twas I was caught within,
As net of love rose from our sin,
And as I heard the first bell toll,
She left ME there, a joke so droll.

As I lay, unbelieving and heartsore,
She left my world and shut the door,
And let the darkness in my soul,
Yes, on ME a joke so droll.

19 July 2018

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Andantino From String Quartet Op 10

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Gypsy Violin

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Friday, July 13, 2018


Poem: Were I To Love

Were I To Love
By: Donovan Baldwin

Were I to love,
And never speak,
The words of love,
Rattling in my head,
How empty would
My world be.

For love must have,
The sounds of love,
The words, the winds,
The thunderstorms,
The quiet breezes,
That fill the skies.

Were I to love,
And never show,
The gestures and,
My wide eyed smile,
How would she know,
My inmost thoughts.

For love must have,
The sights of love,
The sunlight, moonlight,
The brightest blossoms,
The emerald seas,
Where love sails.

Were I to love,
And never kiss,
The dear soft lips,
Which smile at me,
For fear of failure,
How would I know?

For love must have,
The moment joined,
The passion shared,
The vows and oaths,
The uniting of the two,
That makes them one.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018


Poem: You Fill Me

By: Donovan Baldwin

Gone is sadness,
Gone is pain,
Gone is sorrow,
Gone is yesterday,
Gone is old me...

You fill me.

I once was lost,
I once was alone,
I once was lightless,
I once was soulless,
I once was empty...

You fill me.

With each touch,
With each look,
With each word,
With each image,
With each dream...

You fill me.

July 4, 2018

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A Thing Of Beauty...

By: Donovan Baldwin

They say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

I always take that with the proviso that it's "forever" as long as it's held in mind and memory.

Physical objects can decay and go away... including people.

A song once forgotten, sung no more... a poem no longer remembered or recited... effectively ceases to cast its "joy" on the world. The memory of an act of kindness, or the giddy heights of true love, will end with the passing of the giver, the getter, and the lovers.

Maybe that's why we need to keep creating beauty.

Maybe that's the "forever" part.

Maybe the thing of beauty is us very human humans continuing to TRY to be, to think, to live... better.

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