Sunday, March 18, 2018


I Call Myself A Poet

By: Donovan Baldwin

I call myself a poet.

I think I've earned the right, and, enough other people have granted me that appellation, that I'm comfortable with it.

Am I a good poet?

That's always going to be a matter of is any other adjective you put in front of the word, "poet".

I think a majority of people are poets at some point, or points, in their lives.

Since I've started posting poetry and comments online, I've more than once had someone write me saying they wish that they could write poetry. I admit, it can be difficult to get the thought down just the way you want it to sound...or close enough.

However, often, in writing back and forth to these people, I will get a message, especially from those who desire with all their hearts to speak truth or beauty, a simple message in their own words... a message that simply sings and soars.

I have, whenever this happened, and, it's happened more than once, pointed out that what they wrote was poetry.

Most spotted it, once I pointed at it, and most were surprised at their own ability.

Even if the words don't come, nothing says you are NOT a poet, if you ever told someone, from your heart, that you love them...child, partner, parent. If you've ever looked at a sunrise or sunset, a tree, or a bird and felt yourself filled with wonder, you're a poet. You just haven't "written" your poem yet.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Poem: Love Unspoken

By Donovan Baldwin

Love Unspoken

You hear me say, "I love you",
And yet...

I often say, "I love you",
Without you hearing,
Without a sound,
Without an action...

I say, "I love you",
So many times each day,
In so many ways...

In dreams, and hopes,
And songs sung loud,
Or just thought...

In images, and art, and poetry,
And all the sights and sounds,
Of ordinary days,
Made extrordinary,
By you...

You hear me say, "I love you",
And yet...

If you could ever hear,
All the love unsaid,
The sound would be wonderful,
And deafening...

So, sometimes, I leave...
Love unspoken.

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Monday, March 12, 2018


Poem: The Weight of Words

By: Donovan Baldwin

A pendulum of understanding
Hangs suspended over us,
Pushing minds with impetus given,
By the weight of words.

Iron words, gossamer words,
Balanced, counterbalanced,
Weights shifting with the swing,
And tempo of time and history.

Gathering and defining humanity, and
Inhumanity, unequally...
Knowledge, belief, misconception,
Truth, difficult to interpret in time.

Limned and lighted at each moment,
Sliding and shifting upon that
Pedantic pendulum, given impetus,
By the weight of words.

7 March 2018

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Sunday, March 11, 2018


Mom's 100th Birthday

By: Donovan Baldwin

Just returned from Kentucky (December 2017), where family celebrated my mother's 100th birthday (December 23, 2017, for the record).

It was an experience.

I can use a lot of adjectives, and many fit. Fill in whatever pops into your mind.

Yes, an experience, and something to write about in itself, but, I came back with other thoughts as well.

My sister has four daughters, who, between them, have given HER seven grandchildren...all quite intelligent, attractive, active, and competent in many areas. They take after her, not me, apparently.

Anyway, I seldom get to see all of them, and, even upon this auspicious occasion, several could not attend. However, stories abounded and there was much laughter, often at the expense of whomever was NOT present.

Still, it was all quite loving and good natured.

Some of the stories I knew. Some I had not heard, but understood because I knew the people...nieces, grandnieces, and grandnephews.

As much as I DID enjoy all of these, there were moments when I was NOT part of the party. Not that they shut me out, just...I had not been there at some historic, often hilarious, moment well remembered by others.

However, as we celebrated, my mom's, their grandma's or great grandma's, 100th birthday, stories were told, jokes were made, and we teased each other.

Good memories, past and at the moment.

Lesson learned.

Build memories while you can.

You'll want them later.

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