Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Freelance Writing Tips - What to Offer

Copywriting Beginner - Essential Service Offerings
By Angela Booth

Are you a beginning copywriter? If you're new to copywriting, you may be wondering which services you should offer. You can offer any service with which you're familiar, and which you can write with ease. Let's look at three very simple offerings any new copywriter can create for his clients.

Big tip: as a beginning copywriter, focus on just a few offerings. Displaying a laundry list of copywriting products, offering everything from brochures to product manuals, lacks credibility when you're a beginner.

1. Press Releases: Easy Fast Promotion for Your Clients

Press releases are very powerful. With the development of the web, these essential tools have metamorphosed into an entirely new product, the "web press release", which is aimed directly at the target audience, rather than at the media.

An online press release service is a simple and easy service you can offer to clients.

2. Blogging As a Promotional Tool

Strictly speaking, blogging is content creation rather than copywriting. However blogs can be used as promotional tools too, so promotional blogging is a great service you can offer your clients.

Start by creating your own blog to promote your copywriting services business.

3. Web Site Revamps: "What's in It for Me"?

As the web develops and more and more businesses find their customers online, it's harder for sites to get traffic. Any business website which was adequate several years ago no longer makes sales.

Website revamping is a great service you can offer; few businesses have any idea of how to sell on the Web. Revamp websites, so that they answer the vital question every customer wants to know: "what's in it for me?"

Beginning copywriters have never had greater opportunities than they have a right now. If you're wondering whether you should start copywriting services business, yes you should. Even as a beginner, you can make a great income.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009


A Poem on Experimentation

By Donovan Baldwin


I don't know the answer,
I experiment.

The experiment creates answers,
Or creates more questions.

A senseless exercise it seems,
But yet,
I must do it again and again,
For I am Man.

Each new question means
That I
Must experiment again.


I am man and because,
Of experiments,
And endless cycles,
I have left footprints on the moon,
And made uncounted dreams come true,
Of experiments.

Copyright Saturday 2/14/2009

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