Monday, May 08, 2017


Poem: If I Could Use My Words...

By: Donovan Baldwin

If I could use my words
I would use them to:

Tease you, tantalize you, tempt you,
Cajole, caress, and comfort you.
Take you, wrapped in love's embrace
To the heights of ecstasy,
And further still...


Gasping with the pleasure of the ride,
You collapsed with me once more,
Upon the breast of Earth.

I would use my words to:
Bring you to your knees,
Pledging undying love,
And a willingness to
Do my bidding in all ways
So that I could have the joy
Of freeing you from that pledge.

If I could use my words so well,
I would use them
To make you speak the truth
About the deepest secrets and desires
Within your heart.

And, with my words, I would assure
That you never doubted
Your secrets would be kept.
But, never could I use my words
To hurt, harm, or disrespect
The pure, sweet soul
Within your breast.

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