Sunday, June 16, 2019



By: Donovan Baldwin

The eerie whistle of the wind,
Trilled and thrilled,
Touched an ancient nerve,
Keening as the dead in darkness,
Raising hackles,
Sending shivers up my spine,
I, modern man of science
And rationality
Prepared without intention,
For fight or flight,
Suddenly reverted to
Skin clad humanoid,
Wishing for the light of fire,
Warmth of my cave,
The company of the living.

Copyright 2019 by Donovan Baldwin

3 March 2019

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Friday, May 31, 2019


Haiku by Donovan Baldwin

Boy beneath the sun.
Hot sand, strong waves, distant lands,
Adventure's desires.


You're a tale in Braille,
A story to read by touch,
Any time, day or night.


Soft nights by the bay,
Waves lapping beneath the stars
Romance in the air.


Once there was a kiss,
Which I still remember well,
'Neath stars, by the sea.


Rigidity rules,
In some situations,
Smile off your face, please.


Sex and love not new.
Old people did it when young,
Young people will learn.


Hot fire glows within,
Heating our lover's embrace,
Woman in my arms.

Her quiet moment,
Old erotic memories,
Sighs, moans, sweet repose.


When my soul turns cold,
Kisses no longer revive,
Hold my memory.


Arms around your waist,
Chest to back, kissing your neck,
Whispering soft words.


Stars in your night sky,
Each a message I sent you,
Read yourself to sleep.


Drift upon the tide,
Or ride passionate storm waves?
You can float later.


Body? What's body?
Storage capsule for spirit.
Love spirit, not flesh.


I want to claim you.
Have you completely my own,
But you must agree.


All haiku copyright May 29, 2019 by Donovan Baldwin

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019



"Even now
I know that I have savoured the hot taste of life
Lifting green cups and gold at the great feast.
Just for a small and a forgotten time
I have had full in my eyes from off my girl
The whitest pouring of eternal light.
The heavy knife. As to a gala day."

--E. Powys Mathers
From: Black Marigolds
A translation of the Chauraspanchasika (11th Century)

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Monday, March 18, 2019



Let us once more walk the glistening sand,
Waves lapping at out naked feet, as, hand in hand,
With faces unable to lose their constant smiles,
We gaze in awe at the treasure we have found,
As we walk for miles,
In common pride and ecstasy,
For I've found you,
And you've found me.

What would I do without you?
A sadness descends on me,
Even at the thought of such.
It took so long to find you,
So many decades without you,
And now, to be bereft?
I would plod on as before,
The difference that in this new life,
I would know there once was
Such a one as you.

Sounds from my guitar,
Not the sweetest, but,
They are my contribution
To the music of the universe.
Words of my poems,
Not recorded with classics,
But, again, my small offering,
Of the dreams I've dreamed.
The love of my heart,
Not spoken of
In hushed tones,
Yet, real and true.

Into this darker night I walk,
Seeking at least some gleam,
Some flash or glimmer,
In this land of zero light.
Settling for the memory
Of an imagined smile,
The self styled formulation,
Of a touch never felt,
Yet so often dreamed.
And that desire itself,
Lightens my darkness.

Among so many other virtues,
Inspiring my desire and devotion,
You, beautiful person,
Sweet haven,
Sharer of beauty and love,
Offer me escape from
A world where I am not welcome,
Inviting me into.
Your sheltering and
Understanding love.

Darkness is not an evil thing,
It is the cloak in which I wrap myself,
A magic cape allowing me
Free passage into lands
As yet not imagined,
Where in limitless space
I find love also beyond limit,
And am warmed by
Kisses and touches,
Of another in the dark...
And day blooms.

Smiling, hands outstretched,
Clad only in gossamer gown,
You walk out of my dreams,
Into my reality,
Stepping lightly,
Aware of and pleased
With my loving scrutiny,
Secure and happy,
To be the woman I see,
And desire with all my heart.

It's cold today, my Love,
Let us take the time,
To share the heat of our desire,
Warming one another,
Upon the floor of heaven,
While touching one another,
With burning love,
Stoking the fiery responses,
That climax in an exciting
Blaze of common glory.

You may not hear from me as often as you should,
Nor hear the words you long, or deserve, to hear,
But, I speak them nonetheless, quietly in my heart, so often
You might be amazed to realize how often you,
So far away, in space and time, are in my thoughts.

I will hold you,
Touch you in ways to bend your heart,
Warming you with gentle strokes of love,
Kisses on neck and throat,
As your head leans back to me,
My lips graze the softness of your ears,
Leaving traces of their touch,
My face in your hair,
My hands in pampering caresses.

Were I knight,
I would be errant,
Lost in forest world,
Dryads leading me astray,
Following sweet songs,
In armor emerald green,
Upon a tired charger,
Too long from battle,
Not prepared
For such timeless quest.
I would fill my time
With dreams of a lady,
As yet unfound.

In the darkness of my heart,
The storm overtakes me,
Swept into a maelstrom of desire,
Yearning for your face,
Your words my salvation,
In the kaleidoscope of
Black and white, lightning,
Revealing brilliant colors,
Your smile, tender,
Gentle hands soothing me,
Healing me forever.


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Friday, March 15, 2019



By Donovan Baldwin

I see you,
Nature goddess,
Bare bodied in
Your natural setting,
Oblivious to stares
Of mortals,
But, sometimes,
One such as I,
Respectful poet,
Catches your heart,
And you pause,
Let me fill
Eyes and heart and spirit,
With the wonder
Of your unclad

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Friday, March 08, 2019



By Donovan Baldwin

My thoughts so fleeting
Ephemeral and gossamer,
In texture and endurance,
Yet as real to me,
As any adventure lived,
Red as red as any blood,
Gold as gold as the sun,
Terror and triumph at
Their highest ebb and flow,
As my Muse takes hold,
Your face appears,
Love becomes reality.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019



By: Donovan Baldwin

What happens when you dance?
When the music enters you,
Shows itself in your face,
Your movements,
The swirl and sway,
The bend and reach,
Of your body,
Ecstatic joining
Of dancer to dance,
To music more
Than notes on a page,
Or orchestral tones...
When music, dance, and you become one?

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