Saturday, January 19, 2019



By Donovan Baldwin

Dance for me, Salome,
Move in that fabled way
As you once did for Herod,
Demanding all he had to offer,
For your reward.

As you did him,
Make me insane with lust and want,
Push me to the place,
Where all else fades,
But you...

And nothing matters,
But my dark desire for you...

Who can rule my heart,
Capturing its beat,
Within the movements of her body,
Stirring it with,
Designs drawn with hands and arms and legs...
Illuminated by
The dark lightning of her eyes.

Define my existence,
With just a look, a word,
A move.

Dance that sinful way for me,
Show me the steps which lead
To Heaven,
Or to Hell...

Just one time.

Dance for me that way...

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