Sunday, January 20, 2019



By: OH

Your words feel like honey
Flowing smoothly on my skin,
Soothing my face like rain,
I lift my arms to welcome your beautiful imagery,
And bask, and bathe
In all its wonderful revelry.

Your words are my hope,
For wonderful mornings,
And enchanting moonlit evenings,
A pleasant walk in the park,
A quiet afternoon of tea,
Or just an intimate cuddle by the sea,

Your words are like magical wands,
That light up my eyes,
That bring silly smiles to my face,

Your words are IN my heart,
Etched and embedded in my deepest core,
For I know the heart that writes them,
The mind that creates them...

And sometimes, I even know the words,
Before you write them,
Because your words are written in my heart
For all time.


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