Thursday, May 11, 2017


Poem: I Know This Wind

By: Donovan Baldwin

I read a poem about the wind today,
I heard the song of a wind of yesterday,
In the words the poet wrote.

As I read the words and listened,
I thought, I know this wind.
This old friend from my childhood.

I remember leaning on the wind,
As it came across the bay,
And held me in its arms.

Its voice sang constantly in my ears,
Telling tales of faraway lands,
And, adventures unimaginable.

The wind showed its strength,
Shaking the trees and
Pushing clouds around the sky.

At night, as I lay in sweat-soaked bed,
It came through the window,
Cooling me and singing me to sleep.

Yes, I know this wind,
This dear old friend,
Of which the poet wrote.

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