Tuesday, October 18, 2016



By Priya Patel

"Silence" is a lovely little poem from poet Priya Patel, the pretty lady in the picture.

Priya, when not writing poetry which touches the heart and spirit of the reader, is a Hotel General Manager In the Odessa/Midland, Texas area, and a Content Writer for Websrefresh.

In her poem, "Silence", Priya does a great job of showing how close people can be to one another without the need of learning details or having to teach anyone about themselves. Here are two people who may, or may not be, in love, but, they understand each other through the unspoken communication of their shared souls.

I find this poem evokes in me the feelings I have felt when in a relationship with someone who just seemed to "fit". She also reproduces the physical reactions and sensations which can go along with such closeness.

Well done, Priya.


Silent is the night

I have learned all of you
just in the silence between us;
like the heavily veiled hurt and pain
silent to the world, yet fearfully loud
like a lost child in the night
I have learned the tones and textures
of your every emotion
and the soft tastes of sorrow and joy;
all in the silence between us
and the loudest part of all this silence
is knowing that I am the only one
that can hear you

© Priya Patel, 10/18/16

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You are so kind to post and celebrate my poem here. Thank you very much ;)
My pleasure, Priya. Just sorry it took so long to get to your comment.
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