Wednesday, July 19, 2017


To Change Our Lives

By Donovan Baldwin

We are often told, that to change our lives, we need to change something in it.

Well, I suppose I can agree with that in principle.

However, it may not be necessary to change yourself.

Question: What if you are everything you need to be, and someone or something shows up that changes the dynamic of your life?

We tend to suppose that, if things are not going "right" then we are "wrong" somehow. It might not be so. Maybe you just need the right person, or thing, or thought, or whatever, in your life.

There could be a huge turnaround without you having to "change" a thing about yourself, right?

I guess what I'm trying to say, is, if things are "wrong" in your life, maybe it's not your fault. Maybe "life" is wrong.

Maybe, somewhere, there's a something, or a someone, which will make your life "right".

Don't blame yourself. It might not be you.

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