Saturday, July 15, 2017


Poem: Writer's Block

By Donovan Baldwin

** With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe **

Each night in dread anticipation
I await a visitation
By a guest named, "Inspiration".

Sequestered in my smoke-filled den
Prepared to quickly let him in,
If he should visit me again.

As minutes crawl and hours fly,
Without his having yet stopped by,
I remind myself that I...

On many a long and barren night
Swore I'd give in without a fight
And "Nevermore!" attempt to write.

Yet, here I sit, awake once more,
As so many nights before,
Mind a blank, eyes red and sore.

Perhaps he needs this indication
Of my unceasing dedication,
To this, my chosen avocation.

In truth, I think it's in his head
To come when most of night has fled,
And I've given up and gone to bed.

**Published in The Advocate, 1993**

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