Friday, June 02, 2017


Poem: So Far Away

By Donovan Baldwin

The times, the places, the people that I care about,
All seem so far away.

As if all are at a great distance and can only dimly
Be sensed...or imagined?

Perhaps that's all it is, just a dream, an imagining,
Of what I wished for.

Reality is near, and I can feel its weight. Happy times,
Seem so far away.

That's how it's been and is still, this thing, "life",
A weight to be borne.

Children run and play in the Sun, without a care
In a playground far away.

Nothing here is real, because I have chosen to live
In a land so far away.

Today is the nearest thing, near to yesterday and tomorrow,
And no real difference.

When the finest things were near I should have held them,
Not let them slip away...

So far away

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