Saturday, May 13, 2017


Your Face In The Night

By Donovan Baldwin

Each night in darkness your face shines before me,
I reach for you, longing just to touch your cheek.

Then, lost to building lust, I desire to see you,
See more of you, touch you, hold you in my arms,
The pressure of your woman's form against my hard,
Unyielding manhood.

I would dream the words my poet's fingers weave reaching within your heart,
Starting it beating faster as poetic threads of loving warmth,
Move freely to the most sheltered and hidden places
Of your soul and body...

I would share the passion of my dreams and dares with you alone.
If only you could see with my eyes, your own beauty,
Feel the truth of my desire, and begin also to know
Such love as I live with daily,

Before you would be stars and galaxies ablaze with fire.
The sweetest symphonies would fill your very veins with music,
Igniting fires of passion which have been merely embers.

Within your corporeal being would flow a hot and burning fluid,
Fired by love, dreams, fantasies, and desires,

Bursting forth in glory and in ecstasy then,
As the warmth within your belly, and your soul,
Finds its way to the surface of the woman you are,
Exploding in fantastic, all-consuming,
And, yes, orgasmic crescendo.

Leaving you, with soft doe-like eyes,
And the peaceful afterglow of love,
Safe and secure in the arms of your lover.
Each night in darkness your face fades before me,
I reach for you, longing just to touch your cheek,


You are not there.


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