Thursday, May 04, 2017


Morning Musing: Breath of Life, That's Me

Morning Musings BC (Before Coffee):

I read something written by a friend yesterday that started my brain chugging. It played with the idea through the night, and, without caffeine, here's where I'm at.

I am old.

I don't do much for the Earth, or its people anymore.

However, I breathe.

When I breathe out, I, just like you, produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is, this layman says, what plants breathe in to stay alive.

So, I help give you grass, trees, flowers, and, especially, my favorite, well as other plants. These plants make the oxygen WE need to keep breathing. Many of these plants are edible, either by humans, or by other animals...which we eat, or enjoy in some other way.

Trees and bushes provide homes for many animals, and, butterflies and birds.

We NEED oxygen and food to live, but, I also would not like to consider life WITHOUT such things as butterflies, birds, and...of course...roses. Just dreaming out loud, in the morning, before coffee.

You're welcome.

Donovan Baldwin

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