Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Dream Lover In The Night

By Donovan Baldwin

In quiet of her bed she lay
At end of yet another day.
Love once more had passed her by,
Alone, a tear crept from her eye.

She saw the face of her dream man
And dreamed the touch of gentle hand,
This lover lay down at her side,
Took her hand, began to guide...

Their fingers moving here and there,
Together touching everywhere,
With each movement of her hand,
She felt the touch of her dream man.

Caressing taut buds on her breasts,
As their hands moved o'er her chest,
And downward slid towards secret place
Her woman's heart began to race.

Faster went the hands of lovers,
As she lay upon the covers,
She moaned as ecstasy grew near,
A song for just a lover's ear.

Her breath grew ragged, shallow, fast,
Until the moment came at last...
In quiet of her bed she lay
Weeping, as he went away.

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