Wednesday, May 17, 2017



By Neetu Malik

I see him
outlined against the window
in a busy café --
his wool hat on the table
beside a muffin and a cup of tea--
a portrait from a bygone era
and a study in longevity.

He barely moves except to
sip his tea.

I walk up to say hello--
he looks up and smiles, his teeth
a shining white;
they might be false
but who cares?

I catch
the morning sun’s rays in
his eyes;
they cannot lie
nor fake their light.

We talk--
it is so easy to converse,
to steep in his cup,

a rich brew he stirs slowly
and thoughtfully--
I wait
in no hurry to leave.

©Neetu M. 2017 All Rights Reserved.

About the Author

For Neetu, poetry is an expression of the rhythms of life and the human spirit, which strike different beats depending on the sounds and silences generated by experiences. She shares her writing on a few different platforms and is a frequent guest contributor to the Australia Times Poetry Magazine. She has also been published twice in The Poetic Bond Anthology, edited by Trevor Maynard, UK and published by Willowdown Books.

Neetu lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

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