Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Siren Song Of A Fallen Angel

By Donovan Baldwin

A beautiful vision sings to me
With the voice of a fallen angel,

Her voice piercing my soul,
Daring me, tempting me,
With dreams and images of
Pleasures and delights,
Seldom sung about
In Heaven.

If I should fall
Within the power of her voice,
I cannot be redeemed,
For her song is far too strong,
And stirs my soul,
To dream of evil,
And of good,
As if were one.

Call her "Temptress", or "She Devil",
If you will,
But, it is the truth,
The angel that she is,
Is witnessed by the sound,
Of her sweet voice,
And sight of her angelic face,
Full of mystery and beauty,
Whose sight creates desire,
In a mortal man.

Sailors of another time,
Spoke of the Sirens
In their legends,
And, as those fabled singers,
She can lure me into any danger
With her siren-song,
And her beautiful face,
As a beacon before me.

Oh! Fallen angel never cease to sing.
Punish me, reward me, and redeem me
With your song,
For I would hear thy sweet voice,
Throughout eternity,
And never be banished,
From thy presence.

Copyright March 14, 2017 by Donovan Baldwin

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