Thursday, December 15, 2011


A Poem About the Sea

To The Sea Of My Hopes
By Miles D.C.

To the sea, to the sea.
Everything flows towards it.
Tears of joy or despair,
make their way eventually,
to the sea.

To sit by its side,
its unpredictable waters,
is to be acquainted once again
and know silence,
as it has been there for thousands of years.
The same silence that whispers
ever so loudly,
dreams and hopes,
if, by chance, you've sat long enough
to be as silent, as it is.

To sit by the ocean,
the ever perpetual sea,
is a privilege of the few
who can see beyond what just is,
and look into the depth
of their own despair
of how, life, as we know it,
follows a rhythm
unlike that of the perpetual sea.
And unlike its nature,
knowing how time will inevitably
one day run out,
to just sit by the sea,
is to know hope.
And with hope, come all love.
Hope floats
when everything else fails.
Hope comes knocking
when it has washed away,
all despair,
all pride,
all anger
at how changeable everything is.
Like the sea.

To the sea then, to the sea.
Everything flows to it.
All the love that I have
makes its way eventually,
to the sea.

Resting my eyes on the horizon,
gazing upon the bright reflection
of the sun on the water,
I turn my face to the it,
to taste and breathe it in,
that distinct ocean scent -
the same one that's seen
a thousand other
hopefuls like me.

Hoping to be set free,
hoping to let go,
hoping to find peace,
in the midst of its turbulent waters.
I plunge head on, unmindful
of the wave upon wave
crashing around me.
Uncaring, of how close
or how far, I am to the shore.
Because, I came, to be with the sea.
To offer up my doubts,
my fears,
my laughter,
my happiness,
to its embrace.
Cold yet comforting.

To the sea, to the sea.
Everything flows to the it.
All that we are,
finds its way eventually,
to the sea.

Human life ebb and flow
like the sea, and like the sea,
it carries away
everything... all the pain,
the sins, the regrets.
It washes away even shame.
Shame borne out of living
only half a life.

Ever moving yet ever present.
Ever changing and ever constant.
Ever silent and ever full of the sounds
of the earth.

We'll all find our way,
one day,
to the sea.

That, is my hope, for you and me.

Article Source: To The Sea Of My Hopes
Original Poetry by Donovan Baldwin

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