Tuesday, January 27, 2009


How to Get Your Reader to Commit

By Ambrosia Quirion

When it comes to poetry do you find yourself sitting looking at a blank page and eventually giving up?Well that tends to happen to us all. There's hope! What I have found that works well for me is thinking of things that relate to experiences in your life. Poetry is about writing "all emotion" Happiness, love, loss, heartache, etc. If you've ever found yourself so full of emotion writing is a great way to release those feelings. Here are some tips on getting started.

Pick a topic that interests you, write a sentence for "Example". If I wanted to write about flowers, Basic sentence "The red flower I hold in my hand" by me writing this sentence all you know is that I have a red flower in my hand what I want you to know is how I feel when I hold this in my hand.

"Example" inserting meaning "For my red flower lay softly in my hand covered by the tears I shower upon this land" Not only are you now writing how you feel your reader has the ability to understand you.This can also be very rewarding for yourself by giving your reader the opportunity to commit to your poetry.

So now you have a few tips on how to write poetry and how to interpret meaning from it.Remember be creative, try different things, do what works best for you. I hope my way of understanding poetry will be of value to you good luck.

To view poetry by Ambrosia. Please click on link below to visit her miles of poetry page. http://www.milesofpoetry.blogspot.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ambrosia_Quirion http://EzineArticles.com/?Poetry-Writing---How-to-Get-Your-Reader-to-Commit&id=1906709

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