Thursday, November 08, 2018


The Storm - a poem by Donovan Baldwin

The Storm - a poem by Donovan Baldwin

The storm blew up as the Sun went down,
Tossing the ship like a toy,
Aloft, a sailor, in fear looked round,
Face ashen, he was only a boy.

"Captain! Captain! How can I survive,
While this gale is blowing so strong?
Will the Sun at dawn still find me alive,
Or beneath this sea and gone?"

"We depend on you, lad, to do the task,
The sails must not rip away.
I know it is much that we must ask",
He heard his Captain say.

The Captain and mates strove all the night,
To save the ship and its crew.
When the Sun began its daily flight,
In a moment, the Captain knew...

The lad had lost his chance to live,
But had done his task to the end.
There's not more the brave can give,
Than their life for their fellow men.

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