Thursday, February 15, 2024



 On wet gray stones my boot heels clattered,

Echoes from silent walls... as if it mattered,

That she and I had passed this way,

And, parted at the dawn of day.

One hurried night of thoughtless pleasure,

While taken to its coarsest measure,

Within my heart a bright light gleamed,

It had been more than what it seemed.

Touched, oh yes touched deeply by,

The lady who had caught my eye,

Who I had claimed so casually,

Yet, tossed aside so soon to be...

And yet, 'twas I was caught within,

As net of love rose from our sin,

And as I heard the first bell toll,

She left ME there, a joke so droll.

As I lay, unbelieving and heartsore,

She left my world and shut the door,

And let the darkness in my soul,

Yes, on ME a joke so droll.

Copyright February 15, 2024 by Donovan Baldwin

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Friday, February 09, 2024


Who Needs a Cohabitation Agreement and Why They Need One

It can be confusing trying to figure out who needs a cohabitation agreement, and why. 

What is a cohabitation agreement?

At its simplest, it is a written contract that life partners enter into before living together permanently.  A cohabitation agreement will address financial and property issues which may occur during the relationship, and should the relationship end.  Taking care of such issues before the need to address them occurs is one way of relieving stress on the relationship.

Recent news stories have focused a lot on same-sex relationships and the financial and legal difficulties faced by same-sex partners.  Many people would have no problem understanding why gay couples would have an interest in cohabitation agreements.  However, the public, including some people in these relationships, may not realize that a large segment of the population also may need these types of legal forms and documents.

One phrase to look at is simply 'unmarried life partners'.  These could be a child living with and tending an aging parent for example, or simply two people of the same or different sexes who have permanently taken upon themselves a partnership with the other for whatever reason.  The key issue is that they are individuals who are living together in what is considered and intended to be a long-term situation.

While this article is not intended to provide legal advice, it might be in the interests of anyone in this sort of situation to either contact a lawyer or look into some sort of cohabitation agreement software or do-it-yourself legal forms.

A good point to consider should you decide to follow the do-it-yourself route is what additional documents you and your life partner may need beyond the cohabitation agreement itself.

For example, there will be questions of finances, health care, property rights, and after-death issues.  Just as a married couple would address these by preparing such legal forms as quitclaim deeds, power of attorney, last will and testament, and/or a living will or living trust, life partners will be well advised to consider these issues as well. Only sometimes having the same protections under law as a typical married couple might have, it is important to prepare for all eventualities in advance of need.

Fortunately, there are many comprehensive cohabitation agreement software packages and legal forms bundles available online, and it would be in the interest of anyone in a long-term relationship with someone who could be considered a life partner to look into this type of material.

Copyright 2024 by Donovan Baldwin

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Sunday, February 04, 2024



By Donovan Baldwin

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024



By Donovan Baldwin

In 1962-63, while a senior at Pensacola Catholic High, I worked as a theater usher at the Saenger Theatre (that's how they spelled it), on Palafox Street, in downtown Pensacola, Florida. On Saturday nights, we would have a midnight movie. At about 12:30, all the adults went home leaving us teenage ushers in the "custody" of an off-duty Pensacola police officer... in uniform.

Ralph, a Pensacola police officer, who shall remain last nameless, was a nice guy and the cop who usually worked the midnight movie with me and my coworker, Jim.

It was customary for the ushers, to hold onto an empty popcorn box, to dip extra popcorn out of the leftover popcorn bin (usually a lot). We would set the box up on the half wall between the lobby and the back seats and would dip into the box as we watched the movie.

On Saturday nights, Ralph the cop would dip in with us.

One particular Saturday night, Jim, the other usher, dipped into the popcorn box and accidentally knocked a shower of popcorn over the back row. People jumped up angrily, including some large, angry specimens of humanity. Jim apologized, and all seemed forgiven.

A few minutes later, I went for the box and, being a bit clumsy sent another popcorn shower over the heads of already disgruntled patrons.

Like Jim, I apologized profusely, and, with a few growls, and tugs on their sleeves from wives and dates, they sat back down.

After a while, Ralph the Cop, reached for the box and sent it AND the fresh load of popcorn it contained into the back rows.

I didn't wait to see how Ralph was going to handle his faux pas. I ran for the lobby and hid behind one of the ornate pillars. On the other side of the lobby, Jim had chosen the same tactic.

And there, between us, behind another pillar, hiding out in full uniform, badge, gun, cuffs nightstick, and all, was one of Pensacola's finest, Ralph the Cop.

  • Donovan Baldwin

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Sunday, January 14, 2024



 By Donovan Baldwin

Over the years, I have been an instructor in many different situations, although most specifically as an Army NCO, and a truck driving instructor. I have also had to train new employees at various jobs, one fairly technical (optician in an optical lab), and several other general, retail sales, customer service, food preparation and service, etc.

One of the more common attitudes that I encountered was, "I never realized this was so complicated..."

Or, "So THAT'S why you do that!" (And why YOU will do it THAT way, Padawan."

Of course as a truck driving instructor, another common attitude was, "Those people in the little cars are crazy, and I used to drive like that..."

Or, "They're going to get somebody killed..."

I guess the key point is "ignorance". Now, ignorance, unless intentional, is not a sin. It just means that, for some reason, you simply don't "know"... haven't been enlightened yet.

Maybe you haven't had a chance to learn, maybe there was no reason to learn, or opportunity, or, maybe, no one to teach you. No Obi-Wan Kenobi to your Luke Skywalker...

Okay, enough already with the Star Wars references.

And yet, up until the epiphany of enlightenment of my instruction, or whatever showed them "the light", they were certain they were "right"... even though "wrong".

Well, maybe not even "wrong", just the information perhaps did not apply to their life's needs, decisions, or purposes.

You usually don't know you're lacking something until you've had it and THEN lose it. So, if you didn't know the knowledge existed, or that it might do you some good to have it, why should you feel any lack in your life for not having it?

How do you know what you don't know?

I guess my point is, I've stepped into many situations in my 78 10/12 years, and still do from time to time, where I suddenly realize that I have just learned something that I've lived over three-quarters of a century without knowing... and suddenly something made sense, and I realized that something had been missing.



Copyright January 14, 2024 by Donovan Baldwin

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Friday, January 12, 2024



By Donovan Baldwin

In the 1980's an American fast food restaurant chain, A&W, offered a new product, a 1/3 lb (0.15 kg) hamburger at a price competitive to McDonald's 1/4 lb (0.11 kg) burger.

It failed in the market, and, eventually pulled from distribution.

Now, it was a tasty product, as such things go, and, as stated, competitively priced, offered by a lesser-known, yet well-established chain. Yet, in head-to-head sales, the A&W 1/3 lb. burger failed, and failed badly.

Hence a focus group.

Long story short, and skipping snide remarks, the focus group exposed the product's fatal flaw... it was a fraction.

Oh, it was customary to sell fractions, 1/4 lb. burgers, 1/2 lb. burgers, but the 1/3 lb. burger failed.

However, the buying public, the consumer making the optimum decision for return on investment, fractured the math and reached the conclusion that a 1/4 lb. burger (0.11 kg. of meat) was a better investment than a 1/3 lb. burger (0.15 kg. of meat) for the same price.

The common reasoning seemed to be that "4" was greater than "3", therefore, ergo, and to wit, the McDonald's 1/4 lb. burger was more for the dollar than the A&W product.

Keep that in mind the next time that weird guy who used to sit at the desk next to you at a job 20 years ago, the one with the foil hat, sends you a potentially questionable claim about the relative value of some politician or program.

Just some early morning meanderings.
Copyright January 12, 2024 by Donovan Baldwin

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Sunday, January 07, 2024



Path I create with its deceitful web

Verses strung across the road you tread.

Each whispered word, each stroke of pen,

To guide you to the gate, to lure you in.

Mysteries and riddles in my rhymes,

Secrets soft as the tinkling of chimes,

Hidden in remarks on day and night,

Words change meanings by candlelight.

Through the lines hints of longing flow,

As if recalling some time long ago,

When you and I with souls on fire,

Lived lives of love and sated mad desire.

A dark when embers rose up bright and high,

And your blaze burst out a wordless cry.

In silver moonlit streams shadows interlaced,

In most loving ways they are embraced.

All these secrets hidden in the ink

The spaces which provide a vital link.

With key in hand unlock the poet's gate,

Heart unravels mysteries I create.

Find the clues, the secrets that lie hidden,

Walk the path to pleasures long forbidden.

Your hand bold within this poet's grip,

Come with me upon love's joyous trip.

You and I seek love's eternity,

Hidden in my poems there lies a key.

Step into the trap if you will only dare

Cage your heart with mine within my snare.

Let tapestry fall, hiding us away,

As in secret our love games we play.

Our story passed along from age to age,

We two forever joined in love's dear cage.

Copyright January 7, 2024 by Donovan Baldwin

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