Sunday, August 27, 2017


The Dog Did Judo

By Donovan Baldwin

Ever see a dog do judo?

I did, once.

I was driving on a country road, and one dog ran up behind a sitting dog, which did not seem to be aware of the other dog, and leaped. At the perfect moment, the sitting dog, spun and flipped the other dog through the air.

A canine sensei would have been proud of his pupil.

My son-in-law is trying judo...and regretting it, as I understand. Something about being thrown around like a rag doll, hitting the mats too hard, silly stuff like that.

Actually, he's at that point in life where he is finding out he's not a kid any more. The body does not respond, including healing, as fast as it used to.

Oh, I blame his instructor to some extent. A little more one-on-one and things might go better.

Things often go better with a little more one-on-one.

When someone does something to us, or for us, we tend to see it all in a "them" and "us" matrix. In judo, they try to get you to use the other's (Let's not say :opponent".) momentum against them, or to achieve your goal.

Of course, by the same token, I suppose you could use their momentum to assist them as well.

Takes about the same amount of energy, is less painful for everybody, and, can be on ANY time of life. Just thinking.

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