Friday, August 25, 2017


One Person's "Beautiful"

By Donovan Baldwin

Listened this morning to two beautiful pieces of music. Very pleasant way to start the morning...especially before coffee.

Now, I know, when it comes to art, music, even philosophy, etc., one person's beautiful is another person's blah. That shouldn't mean good or bad, right or wrong, just different.

I can't figure out who WOULDN'T love Clair de Lune, and there's people who can't figure out why I don't love heavy metal or grunge. I guess part of "beauty" in art, music, life, is that which can reach into us, touch us, make us feel that we are "new and improved", to steal from the advertising world.

Well, that is what Clair de Lune, or a Nocturne by Chopin can do for me. A note from a lover can do to anybody.

Interestingly, Bobby Bare's country western song, "Tequila Sheila", or Waylon Jennings', "Slow Moving Outlaw", can do it to me too, but, I wouldn't call either of them "beautiful".

Beauty. It's a tricky concept.

Each of us knows it when we see it, or encounter it, but we are never quite sure what it is. We will even fight over the MOST beautiful.

Example: Helen of Troy and the Trojan War.

I love beauty. I know beauty.

It would be beautiful to be able to offer you beauty. I just wish I knew what it was. What, Don? No conclusion?

Nope. Just some morning musings..

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