Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Life Has It's Ups And Downs

By Donovan Baldwin

Life has its ups and downs...like a roller coaster. I have a friend in the roller coaster industry, who reads what I write, and put that in for her.

Sometimes these ups and downs are the result of something that happens to us, sometimes, they are the result of something we do to ourselves.

Sometimes we do it to ourselves because we don't understand what is happening to us.

Sometimes I interpret something good as something bad, or vice versa.

Silly human!

Doesn't matter the source or reality, however, the "downs" feel bad, the "ups" feel good.

We can experience crashing depression, or the most wonderful exhilaration simply based on perception or reality.

These ups and downs can even happen within the space of a few hours, or, even a few moments. One second can be all it takes to change your mood from the worst part of the ride to the other.

It's fun to be "scared" on a carnival ride...not so much in life.

But, ups and downs are a fact of life.

Knowing this, you can have some defense against the ups and downs. Doesn't mean they'll feel better or worse, but, knowing an "up" is coming can help you get through the "down". Even simply knowing that a "down" will end, sooner or later, may help too.

That knowledge can also help you enjoy the "up" part even better.

Look around. Check out the view. Squeeze your ride partner's hand...assuming it's someone you want to be with, and, who wants to be with you. Don't want you getting slapped in the middle of all that fun.


Maybe THEY want to squeeze YOUR hand...even share a kiss!

Wouldn't that be an "up"?

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