Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Let's See About Seeing

By Donovan Baldwin

I have a family member who is legally blind. She only has peripheral vision and can hold a can of food close to her eyes in a certain spot and tell what's in it, but she cannot see another shopper in front of her.

She fears losing her sight completely, and not being able to see the faces of her children.

We take our sense of sight seriously. We buy special things to see stuff better.

My eyes are getting worse as I age. I have bifocals, reading glasses, even a magnifying glass, because I want to see stuff, and see it well. I even have a pair of binoculars in the glove box of my truck for looking out at the world, or getting close and personal with the Moon.

I want to see.

I'm prepared to see.

I make efforts to see.

I bet you do too.

We want to know what stuff looks like, inside and out. We even have mirrors so that we can see how we look, and, no matter how much we say we don't, we want to see ourselves, and loved ones, in pictures.

Sometimes being able to see depends on how hard you're trying to see. We make efforts to see.

Sometimes, trying real hard helps us see things better. Looking long, looking hard, looking beautiful, impressive things.

People are beautiful and impressive.

Maybe we should look harder at them. and in the mirror, too.

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