Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I Get All Kinds Of Ideas

By Donovan Baldwin

Every day I get all kinds of ideas for articles, comments, and poems.

In fact, yesterday I wrote a poem from scratch. Needs a little clean up, but, essentially done. A few minutes ago, I wrote a poem to a friend in about seven minutes because I wanted to give her a special "thank you" for something she had done for me.

At almost any time, I have between five and ten other poems in various stages of "construction".

Part of the problem being that I don't JUST construct these thins...put this word there, rhyme this, rhythm that. I am, a lot of the time, writing words that my brain, and heart, tell ME will tell the story that they see, thinking, experiencing.

I'm not bragging, because I have no idea how or why I can do this. Don't have a hell of a lot of control over it, either.

All of this is to say that not every idea immediately becomes a poem or comment.

Example: Thursday, mina stanovich gave me an idea for a comment. My idea was immediate and complete. Unfortunately, I was with my grandkids at an appointment, so, I made a quick note and thanked her. Have the note right here "Esoteric Diatribe People Online Asking What Words Mean".

Next day, The thought, and note, were still there, but Tinkerbell would have been proud of the fairy dust it became.

I'll get it together sooner or later, Mina. Hang in there.

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