Thursday, August 17, 2017


Something for Nothing? Not Likely.

By Donovan Baldwin

Sometimes, people complain that they don't get nothing.

Double negative. I know. Writer's privilege.

Anyway, many people expect stuff to just happen...fall in their laps. They don't understand how "getting stuff" works.

To GET something, you usually have to DO something.

Even winning the lottery usually requires getting up out of the chair, going to the store, and buying a ticket...or talking someone else into doing it for you.

Step one: DO something.

Step two: do something that CAN GET you something.

I admit that includes robbing banks, or, selling drugs, but, even there, there's effort involved.

Step three; if you don't know how to do something that will get you something, learn how to do something that will.

Go to college?


Ever wonder how much a plumber or a good diesel mechanic gets paid? Better than some "college" jobs, that's for sure, and, there's nothing wrong with working with your hands, and taking money for it from people who can't or won't.

You can put a kid through college on a plumber's pay or drive a fine car or own a fine house.

Any idea how many fast food franchise owners started out flipping burgers?

Me neither, but, I've met a few, and, almost every fast food manager did...and, yes, I was a Taco Bell, and a Dairy Queen manager for a while.

Once you've completed step three, you're ready for step two.

That's how many millionaires became millionaires. Next one could be you.

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