Saturday, June 03, 2017


We Start Off In Life...

By Donovan Baldwin

We start off in life not really knowing anything. For the first few years, we depend on parents, family, the people around us, to provide the framework in which we see life, relationships, people, even the future.

Over time, we come to have our own thoughts and make our own decisions...we think.

We learn from our experiences, and, vicariously, from the experiences of others, as we go.

Usually, still keeping some sort of basic framework, we begin to modify our beliefs...about life, ourselves, and others. They say that some of the "best" lessons are based in pain. Maybe those are the ones we remember more strongly.

To me, it sometimes seems easy to forget kindness and gentleness, but harder to forget pain, shame, discomfort...stuff like that. That's how it was/is with me. If I am kind, it's because others have been unkind, and I remember the pain. If I disregard a rule, it's possibly because sticking to that rule has caused needless pain in the past.

So, when I see someone act outside of what I, or society, considers "proper" or "right" behavior, I wonder if, perhaps they were hurt in the past. I know that having a "reason" for doing something doesn't make it right, but, hating someone, including yourself, for what you, or they, were trained by life to be, is something I ask myself about.

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