Thursday, June 01, 2017


My Mantras

By Donovan Baldwin

Thinking Out Loud: I have a few little mantras or aphorisms, or whatever, that I use to get myself back on track, when I find myself "wandering through the underbrush", so to speak.

One of these is, "I've got to be somewhere doing something, so, I might as well be here, doing this." Handy when I get caught in some little adventure or event that I did not plan for, do not wish to be a part of, but, cannot politely extricate myself from.

A similar idea I have heard in the past, is, "If you cannot do what you love, love what you do."

Actually, both of those got me through about 90% of life, and still prove useful today.

Life, my life, at any rate, has arranged itself so that much of what I do is for the needs of others.

Doing a job well can be its own reward.

My big choices come down to which socks to wear each day, and all mine are white, so, there you go. No matter how much or how little of each day we control, however, there are times that what we are doing is NOT what we really WANT or desire to be doing. Often, it's what NEEDS to be done, and the grownups (me and you) have to do it.

Well, if we have to be somewhere doing something, we might as well be doing what needs to be done.

We will probably feel better for having done our duty, met our obligation, than shirking it.

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