Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We All Make Mistakes

By Donovan Baldwin

We all make mistakes.

You, me, the smartest people on Earth. Nobody's perfect.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is expecting anyone, myself, yourself, your best loved human, or the idiot across the street, to be perfect. Sometimes we err out of stupidity, sometimes out of kindness, sometimes out of desire, fear, sadness, whatever.

Anything can make us do dumb things. Even really wanting to do the RIGHT thing can make us do the wrong thing. The RIGHT thing, of course, is NOT to do the wrong thing. But then, we wouldn't be human would we? Forgive others when they make mistakes. I don't mean when they really try to hurt you, or someone else, but, when they simply screw up.

We all do it, and we all want, need, to be forgiven. I do. I bet you do. You don't have to give them the keys to your heart, just forgive them for being human.

So, let's just do that.

Forgive the mistake.

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