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Are You a Beginning Poet? Tips for Beginners.

Easy Guide on Writing Poems for Beginners
By Joseph Pressley

One of the methods wherein you can express what you think and feel is by writing poems. Some people use it as a profession and make money out of it while others just consider it as a hobby. If you are just a beginner in this kind of craft, you might need to follow this brief guideline on how to effectively do it. In time, you will get used to it and you will realize that it is a fun and healthy form of release.

As a beginner, before you will start writing, you must first specify what you want to write about. The entertaining thing about poetry is that you can write about anything. You can talk about your latest experiences like the feeling of going to college and how you were surprised when your mother gave you a pink stun gun. Other than that you can also write about what you feel today. Whether you are in love, sad, mad or happy, these emotions can be your source of motivation to write a poem.

An outline of what you will write can be an effective strategy for starters like you. You can construct headings which you think would be a good thing to talk about on the stanzas of your poem. Try to make a list of the possible words that you will use or the descriptions that you have in mind in order to make your poem pleasing to read or hear. A thesaurus near you would be recommended because it can come in handy when you write about anything.

Moreover, you need to know more about the different types of poetry. Just like the stun guns, poems are also designed in different ways and it depends upon the writer on what works well for him or her. Try to know more about how to construct each type and decide which one fits your writing style. But usually, when you are just starting to know more about this craft, you can begin by going for the free-verse type or the one which requires you to rhyme the words at the end.

After that, you can now start writing. Whether you choose to use the rhyming style of poetry or other forms, you must be motivated and inspired to write. Let your ideas flow and just write anything that comes on your mind. Once done, read what you have written all over again and make necessary improvements. You can also read it out loud to a close friend or any member in the family and ask about their opinions. You will be able to hone your skill in writing poems if you listen to the feedback of others.

This is an easy guide that you can follow especially when you are just a novice in writing poems. In time you will be able to have your own style of writing and you are already wise on your choice of words. Just continue to practice and do not be afraid to write about anything.

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Article Source: Easy Guide on Writing Poems for Beginners

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