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Tips to Getting Rid of Writer's Block

By Lyn Mok

I have a lot of writing projects including zillions of articles to write, several novels-in-the-making and tonnes of blog posts to put up but I also frequently get hit by writer's block and this will be the death of me at the rate of I kept getting this most dreaded condition. It is like the worst 'disease' ever to hit any writer, author or blogger. I mean, here I am with tonnes and tonnes of things to do but I am stuck. Literally. I could not even string a sentence together. Well, at least, not a very clear sentence that could fit into any of my writing projects.

So, of all people, I truly understand when it comes to writers block and getting rid writers block isn't easy. It is worst than having your wisdom tooth removed. I would know since I suffered the indignity of a swollen face for several days complete with a throbbing gum after the wisdom tooth was forcibly dug out by the evil dentist out to make me poorer and torture me at the same time. Yep, getting rid writers block is definitely akin, if not worst, than having your wisdom tooth removed. It is almost literally like a big huge boulder blocking your way mentally and physically.

Like someone placed a lock and vice on your computer (or typewriter or notepad - whichever writing instrument you use). It is like having our pens taken away. Our notepads destroyed. Our computers hacked and wiped out by some evil virus. Our typewriters incinerated. Well, you get my meaning. That's why I say I am almost an expert when it comes to writers block. I have very vast experience in it. Instead of completing my articles, I get veered off course by a big huge boulder landing on my computer. Okay, so, not literally but it is bad enough.

What do I do to get rid of writers block? Well, there are some ways to getting rid writers block and here are some of the methods I use:

1. I start typing nonsense and string nonsensical words together continuously for about an hour or so. Somehow these words will suddenly make sense and before I know it, I am writing one of my writing-project-in-progress.

2. I surf the net and check out other writers' websites and blogs and turn green with envy over their progress while plotting an evil takeover of their written works - okay, so I'm joking bout the taking over of their written works but blog hopping and website surfing on other authors' and writers' blogs do help as they sometimes do offer loads of inspiration to chase away your boulder-sized writers block.

3. I sing a song and do a silly dance - okay so, maybe I don't do that but what I meant was that I simply turn off the offending blank-screen and go do something else. At least, I am getting something done and not forcing any leftover braincells to try to work when obviously they are on vacation.

Getting rid of writers block is all about mind power, so try it and you will see.

There are plenty of other writing tips here and more tips to get rid of writers block here.

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