Thursday, January 22, 2009


Become an Author to Prospect For Leads - Easy and Effective

By Bill Broich

Why not write a book? When you think about it, it really isn't that hard to do. What is hard to do is sell a book, so don't sell it, give it away!

I know there are several marketing companies who will "ghost write" a book for you and put your name on it. You write a few lines and it is disclosed so you are not an imposture and the book is yours. Don't do it!

I have a better idea, why don't you actually write a book? It isn't hard and you will find it extremely enjoyable and amazingly easy. Plus it is authentic and it will actually mean something to you. Here are a few simple tips:

· Write in generalities, the simpler the better
· Create an outline
· Have at least 12 chapters
· Keep the book 70-90 pages
· Use at least 14 size fonts
· Use the internet for ideas
· Do not plagiarize, simply use numerous ideas and write it yourself
· Make sure your picture is on the cover, family members also will add credibility
· Think of a great title that will show you off

Here is another secret; almost no one will read it! Reading it is not the idea, giving it to a prospect is the idea!

When you give a prospect your book you are elevated in their eyes. Where can you go to get your book published? This used to be a problem but it is no more and it couldn't be easier. A simple internet search will provide numerous options for publishing your book.

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NOTE from Donovan Baldwin - I have seen a similar technique used on three separate occasions. The authors gave free seminars related to their subjects, one was how to get free PR, and then, after the presentation, sold several copies of a small, inexpensive book which they had written on the subject. I do not write books, but use free articles to promote various products and services.

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