Thursday, December 01, 2005


Desperate Housewife Triumphs Through Poetry Writing

By Ruth Garnes

Fantasy/Controversy or My Reality is triumph over the desperate house wife syndrome. After Ruth Garnes walked away from a fulfilling career to become a fulltime wife and mother, she claimed that she momentarily became a desperate house wife. Not wanting her chore filled day and disappointments to over take her she started to express herself in verse.

“My life as an individual was not only about caring for seven children. It was also about my dreams and aspirations. I wanted and needed a life that was about love and laughter and most of all triumph over challenges,” says Mrs. Garnes. As a young woman I worked to put myself through college. The road to becoming a nurse was not easy but I attained that goal. Why should I now allow the challenge of rearing seven children to defeat me?”

This is what Fantasy/Controversy or My Reality is about. Triumph in the face of difficulties, finding joy inspite of pain. We all have had to over-come something; this is what makes Fantasy/Controversy or My Reality appealing to all. It is available on line from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the publisher; Publish America. For more information about the author visit her web-site at

Ruth Andrews Garnes was born in Belize the second of six children. She moved to New York City at age eighteen. After studying nursing she worked in the emergency room in Bellevue Hospital. She currently resides with her husband and seven children in the Houston Texas area. Having always had a heart for hurting children she adopted four sisters. Through her writings she hopes to be able to make a difference to hurting children everywhere by giving a voice to their struggles.

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